Two years ago we attended our first camp. By the end of the 1-week camp my son had a viable device to use in playing his cello, played his first song in front of an audience, and had a plan for the upcoming year.
— Yetta, Parent

The purpose of CAMC is to help adaptive music students overcome the physical hurdles in learning to play a musical instrument.  Our camp works in conjunction with the student’s private music teachers. The camp itself is not the primary instructor, but rather the support necessary for adaptive playing. We provide:

1.      First year campers with adaptive troubleshooting for the beginning student who needs to solve the initial hurdle of how to play an instrument despite missing or atypically working limbs, or other situations which require adaptive techniques in playing or instruction.

2.      Returning students with ongoing troubleshooting for accomplishing more complex techniques such as pedaling a piano with a prosthetic foot, advanced bowing techniques for adaptive string players or finger picking with toes on a guitar.

3.      In co-operation with May We Help, we deliver unique devices necessary to adapt the instrument or manner in which the instrument is played.

4.      A Music Adaptation Plan (MAP) to take home to private instructors and school music teachers which explains the adaptations, accommodations, specially designed technique and technical exercises, and potential future issues which will need attention.

5.  Free consultations to the students at home teacher/teachers on an as needed basis.


Students will enjoy:

1) Private Lessons with engineer, PT and OT consult as needed, in conjunction with group classes.

2) Ensembles for intermediate level students and higher.

3) Exploration of a secondary instrument.

4)  End of the week camp recital

5) Camp Fun!  Games, theme days and contests!