The Adaptive Music Project


The Adaptive Music Project is a nonprofit organization established in 2011 by Deb Amend and Jennifer Petry.  In 2015, it became an official 501c3, registered as an educational organization.  

The Adaptive Music Project has two main purposes:

1)        To provide foundational and ongoing instruction to music students who require significant adaptation and accommodation to their instrument, manner of playing and/or manner of instruction

2)       To make readily available a platform for the collection of music education, research in regards to adaptive music instruction, including data collection, and a platform for professional adaptive musicians to teach and perform. 

The goal of AMP is to hold an annual summer camp for adaptive music students, and provide ongoing support for their musical education throughout the year.  The annual camp, Cincinnati Adaptive Music Camp, not only provides instruction to adaptive music students, but also serves as a valuable collection of educational research on how to create adaptive devices and teach adaptively, laying a foundation for best practices in adaptive instruction.  Once a sufficient body of information has been collected in order to create best practices, AMP will begin phase two: creation of a platform for information and resources, to be shared with the public through articles, online resources and teacher training.