Changes in Focus

Dear Supporters of Adaptive Music Education, 


We are writing to you today to let you know of some changes that are taking place for the Adaptive Music Project. As you know, AMP has a goal of researching and establishing best practices for adaptive music instruction.  Our means to obtain that goal have had 3 focuses:  providing an annual camp for music students who play adaptively, providing performance opportunities to promote professional adaptive musicians, and participating in research in the field of adaptive music instruction. In the past 5 years, we have almost exclusively focused on CAMC (Cincinnati Adaptive Music Camp) as our outreach into adaptive music instruction, providing instruction to over 16 unique musicians and creating MAPS for 9 different instruments.  Along the way, we have collected data that will help us in developing best practices for adapting these instruments and/or helping students connect with their instruments adaptively.  


Upon assessing our work, and the overall goal of AMP, we have determined that it is in the best interest of the organization to focus our attention on individual teaching and the research that grows from that instruction.  Deb will be working on developing a beginner adaptive piano curriculum, and Jennifer will continue to focus on applications of adaptive principles to the instruction of the Suzuki method for strings. As focusing our attention on both projects is not a possibility due to work and family obligations, we will not be holding CAMC in the Summer of 2017.  


Our website will continue, but rather than attempting to make a large web presence or use it for awareness, we will use it to collect research that we believe will be useful to other adaptive music teachers. There will be a portion about the camp, but it is there for historical purposes only, and not to promote an upcoming camp.  We will also be closing out the Facebook page. 


We appreciate the support that we have received over the years, and hope that CAMC's contribution to our students, and the field of adaptive music education, was as much a blessing to others as it was to us.